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August 29, 2006


I just came across this and am blown away by it's size....

HORNMASSIVE (2004) (Matt Hope) is a 2 Ton (4500 Lbs US), 3.5 M by 3.1 M by 4 M mobile 2000 watt steel and aluminuim horn sound system, all powered from a commercial 12” speaker driver. It functions as a mobile audio input station whereby people can plug-in in order to project "content" a distance of 1 km, designed to be the ultimate monophonic sound projector intended to catalyze social activities in multiple settings.

not much else on the website about it..... all you need to know is it's big and
I would imagine loud!


[710W3] said...

How many kids go deaf after some kid jokingly yanks the emergency cord! Speaker Backpack If we could only fit that HORNMASSIVE into a backpack.

the boats said...

holy crap. That backpack is insane man! For sur kids would just yank the cord out for shits and giggles.
That thing is trouble. Siren at 130 DB!!! that is like super deafaning.... man... poor kids with their technology.