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August 24, 2006

Superflat Single #41 / Dub Bear

Dub Bear brings back the beat with this bit-reduced dub essay. He feels strongly about delicious salmon and wonders why more salmon are not equipped with midi ports. That would make their echounits easier to sync to the tempo..... don'tcha think?

Seriously, I don't understand this Dub Bear guy.

Listen to blipsandifs041.mp3 - 2.9 MB


[710W3] said...


the boats said...

I was expecting something a little more violent from the dub bear... But I guess you're more like pooh bear with echo boxes attached to your head... Don't leave us dub bear.... who will bring us digital honey?

[710W3] said...

Be sure to click my secret MIDISALMON! link in the first comment for this post. It's midi-licous.