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August 11, 2006

Tachikoma: Output.

I'm outta here!!

Ever since this blog first fired up, Tachikoma has been living in Vancouver. But sometime between September and October of this year, I'm taking off to go live in Asia again.

For those who know me, this is a common refrain. Making this statement always reminds me of the Ben Folds Five song "Steven's Last Night In Town."

It will certainly have an affect on my music. Harpoon won't be able to practice anymore, and I will have to leave most of my Tachikoma Instrument Collection with The Boats or 710W3. But the core of my studio is my USB keyboard, USB drum trigger, USB soundcard .... just attach to any computer and voila, instant studio. Plus reason 2.5, of course....

Over there I hope to do more writing, but 710W3 convinced me I need to make at least 2 more tracks a month. I think I can do that. And I hope to make field recordings for Audio Photography as well.

Why do I wanna go back there? It's my home, even though I am a white guy. I always tell people that I hate Western Civilization, which is true. Living in Asia with a self-inflicted language barrier lets me put my cyberbrain in cultural-autism mode.

Anyway, I am psyched up about the move. I am a big lazy procrastinator, but this kinda thing helps me get my shit together.

More info to come as it gets confirmed.....


angrycobra said...

Stop leaving.

the boats said...

is that cat riding a motorcycle?

why would you leave us.... don't hate the north america hate the game!