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March 17, 2006

Reference Point: electroplankton.

For those of you who have difficulty figuring out exactly what the AudioToys are all about, let me point you in the direction of Electroplankton. I don't agree with most of this GameSpot review, but the screenshots and description are useful for explaining the concept to newcomers.

Electroplankton is a 'game' for the Nintendo DS which lets you interact with sound-generating, quasi-random software synth and sampler modules. Rather than coldly programming a track, you play with the toys and see what kind of music you can collaborate on .... with an AI, rather than a person.

AudioToys are like an online Flash version of the same thing. We came up with the concept first, but Toshio Iwai, programmer of Electroplankton, is already developing a hardware version of a similar product with Yamaha . Then again, AudioToys are free, so.....

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[710W3] said...

not only will they be free, but they'll also be broken! Broken in the blips own way.