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March 9, 2006

blipsandifs #031 / tachikoma

Again and again!

This track is from the old school. I always thought it was one of my best tracks, and I put it on demo CDs in 2002 that I sent out to indie labels. It didn't make it onto my "Gentle, Amoral Robot Music" album, but that's because it contains a sample from a track which is just too well known. In many ways it's a nuclear track, because I notice that techniques I use regularly were implemented for the first time in this production. For example, a lot of the percussion sounds are hand-created glitch samples, and the way that the vocal sample is twisted in an attempt to mimic scratching.... those are 'classic' Tachikoma techniques.

Which reminds me.... I gotta get some new techniques.

Listen to blipsandifs031.mp3 - 2.8MB


the boats said...

Agreed Tach.

this is one if the best electronic tracks you ever did. I remeber hearing it, and thinking what the hell those vocal samples are crazy... then the pretty xylophone thing happens... mmmm..


*Boats (but not as drunk as you think)

brett said...

favourite dat nugget yet!

self oscillate said...

great track. i heard it many
months ago and i wanted to remix
it, but as always, time is short
and there were so many other tracks to work on.
anyway, the track is great in it's
current form, no need to put my
filthy hands on it ;-)