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March 4, 2006

blipsandifs #030 / slogic

Com.... pu...... tor. Computor music. That's what we have here. Nothing new for Blipsandifs; but usually the computors involved are PCs or Macs. In this case, the computor is an Atari ST. First built by neolithic man in an attempt to improve upon simple tools like the wedge and the wheel, the Atari ST remains popular among British anoraks who like to kick it old school.... extremely old school. Thanks to slogic (pronounced "slogic") for this track, and for his continuing dedication to outdo Tachikoma in antiquated gear revival....

Listen to blipsandifs030.mp3 - 5.1MB


the boats said...

Lover the Image for the internerd cover!!!!!

also... uh... I get vintage gear...
but what's the point of the computer
being so old... Is it just used as a midi controler? I am confusion.


[710W3] said...

See slogic's website for the correct way to say the artists name.

slogic said...

Yeah it was just the midi controller!

self oscillate said...

atari st, yep, those old days.
i still own an atari st too,
but honestly i don't use it
anymore. anyway, it is still
working and patiently waiting for
it's next powercycle.
i sold my atari falcon a long time
ago, but i'll never sell my
atari st. i guess to some extend
i'm a vintage nerd too ;-)