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September 1, 2005

Superflat Single #7 / tachikoma

Belatedly, Tachikoma is here again to drop a forgotten gem from his 'unheard remixes of the beat poets' 4-disc box set. Click on the link to "blipsandifs007.mp3" to download it.

(The best place to listen to this track? Your mp3 player. Dump it over there now.)

Thanks to all who were waiting for this single.... rain poems are more necessary than ever now in Vancity.


Tachikoma said...

Glad to see the links working. Love the rain link to wiki. That's the gold I love. a little blip rains answers if? That's a little rain poem I just wrote myself.

self oscillate said...

very nice track, frank :-)

angrycobra said...

That track was really good. It combines my two primary loves, Frank & Poems about weather.

djprettydress said...

I really liked this song! It reminds me of the first few months of being in London.