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August 22, 2005

Superflat Single #6 / self oscillate

From the digital wastelands of Germany comes Self Oscillate, the artist behind our first non-Canadian superflat single. He's also one of the musicians behind Signalform / Dron, who are collaborating with Tachikoma on an upcoming full-length.

Self Oscillate is, quite simply, a fetishist: he's obsessed with the analog dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the Paleolithic era of synthesis. He likes to hide out with his synthetic fossils in his nuclear-proof bunker 300 feet below the earth's surface: but just for a change, he made this track while thinking about booze and playing with Reaktor on his laptop, adjacent to the beach. Good times.


angrycobra said...

I remember when I was a little younger, people who liked Rock music called people who liked Rap music "wiggas". And in turn, The Rap kids would curb the Rock skids into a fancy mess. It was a beautiful wheel of taste that spun at speeds that only a hummingbird could keep track of. Which brings me to The new Superflat single. I remeber when people where content to just listen to good music, and didnt feel the need to go out and try and duplicate it. Now everybody with a digital i-music generater super pod 2000, is a damn maestro of inter-racial navigations. How about we stop making worth while music, and continue dressing the part. It worked for decades, and it is making my mouth dry.

ps - I also think we should start ganging up on "screamo". It was fun at first, but now its the cause of I.C.D.

self oscillate said...

We all know what really makes the mouth dry, right? :-)

Tachikoma said...

Yes - french kissing the desert.

self oscillate said...

or spinning at the speed of a hummingbird