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August 31, 2005

Actual Interviews II / shima records (remix)

The following is the second half of our actual, non-fake interview with John Maddocks of Shima Records. Shima recently released the first album by Tachikoma in the U.K.

8. If you could design a musical instrument what
features would it include?

A fingerprint reader to create random sequences using your prints. A sequencer that could read what is in my mind and do it. I can sequence a track instantly in my head, but takes me weeks to do it on screen. And wireless connection to my harddrive so I don't have to keep plugging/unplugging damn cables. Also make it solar powered because my studio has run out of power sockets.

9. Do you believe that dance music is following a
progressive or a retrogressive trend? Or to put it
another way - is there any hope for dance music? Will
it become more interesting in the future, or ape the
past more accurately?

By dance music I assume you mean house music, right? If yes then it is just getting worse and worse, I hear covers of dance tracks made only 4 years ago, what is that all about? I was insulted and angry by the recent Strings of Life cover, a techno classic ruined!
Where is the originality in dance music these days? Dance music will not change because it sells well and that's all they think of, not the music.

10. Electronic musicians often report that their gear
has irregular glitches. Have errors in your gear's
hard- or software ever aided your composing?

Yes. I've had a sound card crash before and it was spitting out random sequences through the GM Bank, I sampled and manipulated it, sounded great. Also have a few modules that behaved strange and gave really good results. My old cheetah sampler used to crash and make samples very wierd, that was fun. Also come up with good melodies with a few midi stuck notes and getting the channels wrong.

11. Do you ever build "noodles," or randomly
generative synth patches? If not, how do you introduce
elements of randomness into your work?

I am a modular addict and cannot use 'normal' synths anymore. Making "noodles" is part of the fun of making music, start off little and finish with nice big fat Udon. One technique for random effects comes from using 3 analog sequences out of sync, and having the modules randomly pic parts from them in time with the beat.

12. Do you believe that digital technology will
liberate or constrict musicians legally (in your

Liberate. Creating wise it's just far more practical and faster to make and save music by digital format. I used to sync analogs together and back sounds up on tape, far too restrictive. Creating sounds seems to be the same for a lot of artists, make it with analog and sample/manipulate it with digital.
Also with the recent growth in mp3 sites it lets musicians sell their own music from their bedrooms and compete with sony

13. Shima is a good example of an "Internet Record
Label" as opposed to a "bloglabel" like this one. Can
you discuss similarities and differences, as you see
them, between Shima and Blipsandifs?

There definately seems to be a similarity in musical tastes and a relaxed view on things, for Shima the music is first and business second, seems this is the same with you guys. Blipandifs is more instant than Shima. It takes months to get a release done and ready. But with the blog format it seems blipandifs can do it in a few days, is this the future? maybe so. Blipsandifs is also essential reading, Shima provide info on our bands/realeases etc, but Blipsandifs is almost a web diary for their bands, very funny read.

14. What is the upcoming release schedule of Shima
Records like? Are you still looking for unsolicited
demos from new artists?

Upcoming releases: Another album from 'Self Oscillate' called Lost Tapes. It's in his usual electro style but this one uses lots of Analog sounds making it really warm sounding. Then a great album from a band called 'Signalform' (aka Dron). This album has been on my walkman for a while now and it gets better everytime I listen to it, really nice warm sounds with great electronic beats. No release dates as yet but expect both in 2005.
Always looking for new artists, we listen to every demo we receive. We have nothing after the above releases so I hope we get something soon.

15. Why did your car die?

It's taken me a week to recover from the trauma of losing my bug, thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately the steel cancer got it. Rust in Peace.

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