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August 10, 2005

Superflat Single #4 / tachikoma

We've all been bad. This song is about tachikoma's own personal bad thing which he did and he shouldn't have. He is really sorry about that but he just had to do it.

Distinctive tachikoman elements of this track include: primitivist drum machine programming and psychedelic distorteed Malstrom pads that are supposed to sound like feeding-back electric guitars. Tachikoma has said he wants to be the lead Reason programmer in Acid Mothers Temple..... yeah right buddy, dream on.


angrycobra said...

That song reminds me of when I fell backwards through hip-hop history. It took quite a while with the stop off in India. But in the end i woke up on my porch listening to the wind chimes. Common fare really. Does anybody want to sell me some cocaine?

swse2005coor said...

you should have a hit counter, cause they are cool and i'm addicted to mine, also the new single is pretty charming and alluring i must say, the wind chimes are pretty whimsical and stereotypical tachikoma in my opinion, always a new surprise on Blips and ifs, i always look forward to reading 'angrycobra's comments, they are somtimes more amusing than the actual posts, i suggest 'angrycobra' should start making his own posts as a regular contributor to blips and ifs perhaps as a guest columnist.