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April 11, 2009

more represents.

T3R had a rehearsal today, got another tomorrow. going well.
recording for our demo is also progressing nicely, despite today's setbacks.
mp3s will be uploaded as soon as demo is done and approved.


thought I'd upload a list of all the songs we know or almost know. including indications for covers, without further etc:

(learned for our first show, though not all songs were played.)

1. Fuck You
2. Miller Lite
3. The Perfect Letter
4. Long Time No See
5. Canoe (Lyrics by Davey)
6. About You (written by Erics Trip)
7. Incinerate Me
8. Another Lonely Day (by Ben Harper)
9. Her Boyfriend's White
10. Police And Theives (by Junior Marvin / Lee Perry)

(learned, but not currently practiced or expected to be played)

11. Monster Mash (by some fifties band)
12. House Theme Song (by Massive Attack)
13 All along the watchtower (by Bob Dylan)
14. Italy
15. Life is Long (by David Byrne)
16. Karma Chameleon (by Culture Club)

(not yet played live.)

17. When in doubt, go to China
18. Any Sense of Time (by The Inbreds)
19. Winter vs spring (Lyrics by Scott)
20. Jesus on the radio (by Guster)
21. Dancing in the Dark (by Bruce Springsteen)

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