cruft for the world.

April 1, 2009


Surprisingly, we're still here.

2009 will contain less blips, i guess. I plan to post MP3s from live recordings of the band I'm part of, The Three Represents.

While I'm still arranging that, I'll start off with just a proposed set list for our second show, which is also our first show in Hong Kong, on April 18.

***^melting p0t set list v1.1***
1. fuck you
2. any sense of time
3. incinerate me
4. miller lite
5. canoe song
6. jesus on the radio
7. winter vs spring
8. when in doubt (or Long time no see.. or perfect letter, or Life is Long).
***set list ends***
[note that only 2 or max. 3 songs are covers.]


I still need a bit of time to restring my banjo. But I can tell you that if you do tune in here, you'll hear some new tunes this year.

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