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March 22, 2007

Superflat Single #61 / Tachikoma vs. Slogic

The real collaboration efforts of Blips and Ifs are only really starting to take shape now.

This track, for example, is based on some analog synth loops created and emailed to me by slogic, from the UK. I added some crusty Casio drum samples and other pads and echoes and dubbed it down a bit. I imagine that this track is kinda what it would be like if slogic and I ever met in person ... especially the last minute ... it dissolves in a kind of haze. Heh.

The cover art for this single is another example of extensive collaboration. It's from a comic book, Outnumbered, released by our buddies at Critical Hit Comics. The book features graphical data input from [710W3] and the Boats too.

Little of this is obvious if I don't tell you. I could have made the track and cover by myself, but I didn't. Just wanna peel back the veneer and show all the strange gears and conveyor belts that are behind the blipping, iffing machine.

Listen to blipsandifs061.mp3 - 4.2 MB


Sheffield Bleep said...

love it! good work man.

self oscillate said...

i love it too.
great track, fellas.

Tachikoma said...

thanks ~ it took me forever to figure out the chords that would work with the original loop hahaha