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March 10, 2007

Reactable - Tablesynth

I'm really amazed by the coolness of this concept. To find that much of the technology is opensource made me even more excited. A table top musical interface! It's more then I can describe. I'm still stunned by the YouTube footage I just watched. This is really neat, something I could easially imagine it being the only thing in Tachikoma's living room.

This is the official website.

You Tube:
Reactable Demo 1
Reactable Demo 2
Improvisation with Reactable
People explaining it in Documentary Form.


tachikoma said...

i don't know where or how you found that but that is UNREALLLLLLLL good job moil!!! here, take my +1 mace.

john - shima records said...

Truly amazing!!!
I need one...thanks for posting it.
If I hadn't just watched it then I would it's impossible to make that machine, awesome!

[710W3] said...

A big shout out to Darel for sending the link to me.