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January 16, 2007

Superflat Single #52 / Dub Bear vs. [710W3]

Remix of [710W3]'s Superflat Single #49 by Dub BearEver since we signed Dub Bear, that guy's been producing up a 7-bit storm.

Here he turns in a rub-a-dub remix of [710W3]'s hit from last year, 'fried egg dream state.' The synth stabs are straight from Germany, and the VCF is pulsating. Dub Bear even runs his whole final mix through a range of low-grade effects boxes boxes boxes boxcfffffff until the echoes are recorded to a floppy disc and mailed to a P.O. box next to a salmon-filled stream in Alaska.

We have another remix of this track coming up soon too, so you might want to buy new subwoofers.

Listen to blipsandifs052.mp3 - 2.5 MB


the boats said...

mellow.... very mellow.... I miss that dub bear. I miss cuddling with him in that dark cave he lived in...*sigh*

Tachikoma said...

i know... his fur... so soft.... as soft as his heart.