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January 28, 2007

Audio Toy Field Test # 7

Gronk is released and available at blipsandifs. Use the links on the right of this site to navigate to the Audiotoys section. This brings us to where we are now...discussions amoung the producers are heading in the direction of more. All these cool developments has re-invigorated the team and we plan on making many more releases this year. Not just audiotoys and superflat singless either.

One of the biggest issues I've noticed about the blipsandifs collections is the difficulty of navigation. If you wanted to learn about the singles or look at the covers you would have to navigate our html page at blipsandifs but soon we will release the new XML jukebox created using the same technologies and research we've put into the audio toys. Although the jukebox isn't an audiotoy. It is an MP3 player that will show you the cover of each single, allow you to listen to all the songs, read the blogpost that was released from it, and play all our archives. We are very excited that we've got the knowledge to achieve this and are heading into the user interface and debugging stages.

Tachikoma is also madly at work developing new sounds and concepts for gronk and the second proposed audiotoy: Paper. Stay tuned...

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