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December 14, 2006

Supercrap Single #1 / Tadx7koma

As soon as I got my new old DX7 home, I plugged it right in and started recording it.

I'll just provide some specific notes about this track:

1. All sounds are made by the DX7, with no processing at all except volume level adjustment and panning, and a touch of reverb at the end. The drums were made by my Nord Micro Modular.

2. All 32 of the original patches in the synth were used, I flipped between them. What's really odd is that by about midnight that same night, some had dissappeared. I think the battery in the synth's internal memory is malfunctioning. For example: preset #14 was a short pitched drum sound, which you can hear me tapping out a rhythm on at the end of the recording. But two hours later, #14 was a 'normal' synth sound. Also, patches 29-32 worked fine while tracking this, but by the end of the night, they were all blank / silent. Wierd.

3. This isn't supposed to really be a song, so much as a document of the good vibes you get when playing a synth you just bought. Take a listen. The sounds are surprisingly good, although undoubtedly cliched.

4. In the japanese language, the number seven is pronounced 'chi.'

Listen to 32Patches.MP3 - 4 MB


self oscillate said...

Congrats on the purchase, tachi.
I own a rack version of the dx7,
its a hell to program it, but it
can produce very dynamic sounds.

Tachikoma said...

Yeah, I own the 4-operator FB-01 (it's currently living with The Boats), which is crammed full of FM presets. The DX7 does sound very warm, and the keyboard is quite playable, too. What I wanted it for was just to have a full-ish sized keyboard to play with, and it really delivered. Glad I didn't buy a Casio elepian for 3 times as much :)

Anonymous said...

I thought 7 in Japanese is "nana" or "shi chi". But "chi" is 7 in chinese for sure so u are close ;)

Tachikoma said...

yes you are correct that in japanese, "shi chi" is 7. but in some compounds, this is shortened to just "chi". the "chinese" pronounciation of a character often appears in japanese punning/slang/various bullshit. hell, i live in Taiwan now, no wonder I get 'em confused....

the boats said...

you have arrows for arms.

[710W3] said...

his Smile is an arrow as well.

Tachikoma said...

Those arrows show the midi flowing out of my arms and into the synth-hole. Also, the midi sometimes flows around my face as well.