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December 11, 2006

The future is gronk.

I have done looked into the future and it is pretty.

Prettier than this pic, anyway. This is what came up when I googled gronk.

The future is gronk. It's our first audio toy. I didn't make it, [710W3] did. That guy is Gerhard Behles, I'm just Robert Henke. If you understand that. Google helps too.

I played with the beta of gronk today. It's so.... perfect. It's perfecter than anything I've built in my nord micro modular, that's for sure.

The success of gronk blows away the first 50 superflat singles. It doesn't devalue them. But it's an amazing departure. It shows you what a few guys brainstorming in a rat-infested garage can do. But mostly one guy.

My hat is off to you, moil. Kudos --- and kudos again. You've outdone yourself. Except for your kids, I mean, those two are better than this, but gronk is a close third, and it took longer than 9 months to be born.


[710W3] said...

Thanks Tach. You are too kind:

I wasn't alone in the development of gronk. I was simply obsessed with programming strange interactive audio environments in Flash. It was in fact YOU who came up with gronk and it's crooked nature.

Soon I shall invent Paper. It will be released as Blipsandifs modular piano.

Also in the works is the Blipsandifs XML jukebox for playing all the superflat singles.

self oscillate said...

really nice.
i have to check that out too.

Tachikoma said...

Selfosc, this tool will make you drool.

Moil, you weren't alone. The crookedness of gronk may be mine. But the shiny coolness and angle of the most recent version makes it the malfunctioning iPod of my dreams.

Can't wait to get my hands on Paper too. How shall we generate the samples? Let's discuss at (subtle plug)