cruft for the world.

October 24, 2006

Superflat Single #46 / [710W3]

It's been too long old friend. Music is such an intrinsic part of my life, without it I would waste away. Not just listening, but making music drives me. I absolutely love writing the soundtrack to my life. Expression through noise. Taking in all that I hear and regurgitating it back as waveforms, cafefully placed and layered around each other. If only life were as easially broken down as this sequence of loops, breaks and samples. Maybe it is, maybe it's a simple song that sounds more complex than it is. Could it be that we create new frequencies and harmonies that were never present in the original? That all this excess sound and noise I hear isn't even supposed to be here? That the chaos of life is created by the echos and delay boxes, delay boxes, that man has created to make life...better?
Listen to blipsandifs046.mp3 - 3.7 MB


the boats said...

You are just pumping out the hits.
NICE!I like the delayed start to the song. I was like... it's not Moil's style to have just clattering sounds and no melody... or is it? When are we getting together to make some songs?

self oscillate said...

nice one