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October 19, 2006

Supeflat Single #45 / [710W3]

I've walked from the skytrain to my house as my very own symphony played in my head. An epic tune with horn lines and strings. I'd tried to record real instruments parts with the synthetic sounding impersonations of my Roland XP30 Keyboard without any realism at all. Years later I've grown to love the sounds of fake keyboards and fake horns. I know others hate this, some artists are adament against the use of presets. My fellow producer Tachikoma recomends to use whatever sounds to write with and then swap them out for something more interesting later. I think that's why I love them. Why should I care if it's a real trumpet or a synth? I can't afford to hire a real orchestra, and Samples often limit what melodies and rythms you can create (which adds it's own reward) while alternatives may steer away from my original intent. I picked a fake trumpet sound because of the historical significance of trumpets. When I want that tune, that melody, or that pop to be similar to the one in my head I'm willing to sacrifice real instrument sounds knowing that your brain will fill in the details for me. Your imagination will add the realism I can't afford. Like an illustration of a man walking home from the skytrain. It's just a bunch of lines and colours on a page, but when you look at it you don't see the lines, you see me lost in a dream about a symphony inside my head.
Listen to blipsandifs045.mp3 - 1.3 MB

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Anonymous said...

nice track scotty. love the horns.

would fit nicely into the 'moon tunes' genre over at check a couple out and see if you'd agree.

we should plan a little jam session some time in the near future to see if we can make some interesting noises together?

email me (contact info is on the website).