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September 27, 2006

Superflat Single #44 / The Drunken Boats

The Drunken Boats: Collect all Four!There is a scene in Disney's Cinderella when she's singing and washing the floors. So happy to be with the little birds and rats. The bubbles float around here and a tiny image of her washing the floor appears within each one. Her reflections are tinted with various pastel hues.

So old...(before my time_) is what it's like being inside of one of those two dimensionally reflective bubbles all distorted and wobbly, except that there is a film crew just behind Cinderella filming a music video for the Boats.

Seriously. Someone rap over this track and send it to us.

Listen to blipsandifs044.mp3 - 2.5 MB


Tachikoma said...

Why is it single #24 instead of #44? did we get sued and no one told me????

angrycobra said...

Holy shit. Have you ever clicked on the cripple logo under the "word verification" box when writting comments for these things? That scared the shit out of me.

self oscillate said...

nice track, as always.