cruft for the world.

September 21, 2006

the boats went digging

I dug through the record bins at my local thrift store and came up with some gems.
The first record I picked up was John Phillips SOUSA! I live the cover of this record. It says it’s a dynamic high fidelity full band concert of marches. I have not listened to it yet but I am sure there are going to be some serious sampling from this.

The second record I bought purely for the cover as well. It just blew my mind. It seems like a commercial to sell the big old FX1 organ. Which by the way looks like the future but uses FM synthesis to make all its sounds so it probably sounds pretty crazy and dated.

The third record is pure insanity. Only something you could find at a thrift store in a relatively small town. I think this record may take out my previous favorite of church organ music accompanied by bird calls (with the bird calls being done by world renowned bird caller Henry Stevens.) Anyway... here it is.

I mean Jesus.... canine heart sounds... great great stuff....


Tachikoma said...

the Sousa one looks very patriotic, but the second and third ones are unreal. The tachikoma is gonna go crying.

[710W3] said...

dog hearts? that's zearatiatly!!!

angrycobra said...

I want to make a habit of showing up at your front door with a case of beer and a stack of records.