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July 5, 2006

Oh yeah.

I forgot.....

.... we've been doing the blips and ifs thing for more than a year now! kudos! and kudos again.

Lotta things done happened in that time. We cranked out an assload of singles, started the Audiotoys, collaborated on videos, got podcasting, ruined Troy's garage..... it seems even more impressive when I look back at it. But most importantly, in my mind, is the fact that we managed to get 3 guys to work steadily on a project that can never "really" be completed. If you don't understand why that's difficult.... well.... try making a track on your computer sometime.

I sure hope we keep going at this pace because if we do, in about 4 more years we'll be running EA or something.

Goals for the next year: to open up the Superflat Singles to even more non-label contributors. If you read this site, send us that track you made! It might not suck as much as you think.... in fact it probably doesn't. And ask your buddies who are musicians to send us music too, otherwise our unpaid cover-art designers will be out of a non-paying job.

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