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July 16, 2006

Just before I moved

I was riding my bike as the days approached Canada Day. As I headed down the alley behind our house I saw the most interesting wooden man made 'slice'. It was big. About 4.5 feet tall I'd assume. Two guys were loading what became 1 of 4 obvious slices of a sphere. I couldn't imagine what is could be and was obligated to stop to satisfy my curiosity despite my pressing schedule. The owner of the 'slice' was a very nice person who after understanding my abstract line of excited questioning gladly answered and explained what it was they were loading into the back of a pick-up truck.

Chad Oakenfold, the creator of the sphere, described it as an 'Art Museum'. I immediately thought he meant a scale model of a round building like Science World. He corrected me immediately. It was the museum, not a model of one. I was perplexed but Chad directed me to the pick-up where I could see the inside of a hollow slice. There was an amazing 3 point perspective drawing on the white finished wall inside the sphere. Apparently you climb into the sphere and draw 360 degrees around the inside.

This is an actualization of how cool art can be. The fact that Chad had made it was a great feat alone, but that it is only one of Chad's crazy projects it a testament to his creativity. Since seeing this museum I wish no more but to have this sphere present at the next Groundhogs Day.

I just found the time to visit Chad's website...OAKENFOLD.CA and it turns out that we are only a few degrees of separation. Chad is friends with Ehrin Salazar and Blim both of which are friends of our very own Tachikoma. Now all I need to do is get out and connect a little more. Maybe I'll see everyone at the Luminaries Festival at Trout Lake.

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