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May 22, 2008

Audio Toy Field Test #10

Two items for todays agenda.

1) Microsofts really cool dragon thingy. I can only imagine how cool this will be. It seems to be a terrific way to sort through imagery and I love the whole book/magazine concepts. All in all I can't wait to scour through my own data using the same software. Truly ground breaking software.

2) Although this may seem less exciting and new, blipsandifs has successfully connected to it's database. This won't mean much for a while, but it does mean that the PHP book I bought on Valentines day as a gift from my wife was worth it. Being able to write my own data driven websites is very exciting. Many of the coolest websites out there use PHP and databases. I've got some grand ideas and can't wait to start trying them out...but first I'll just keep plodding along, singing my song, doing my job...wishing I could be blippin' 'iffing.

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D.W.B. said...

That Dragon thing by MS looks pretty sweet.