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January 4, 2008

Cruftworld #4: Fifties

Here's the last installment from the original Public House cassette. This was a total throwaway song that we just recorded because we had extra time left over. It was written by me as a faux-sellout joke song. But in the end it turned out to be the most popular song from the tape, and my friends from the time can even remember the (deep, meaningful) lyrics.

However, it has a certain charm. I was happy to get the chance to play a solo for this one --- as I recall, I played it on a borrowed Japanese Telecaster. And as for my updated version, I've thrown in a harmony line in the chorus that I can't believe never made it into the original.

Anyway, I got no time to go into more detail because I'm moving to China tomorrow. But I will say that this cruftworld series is definitely going to continue in 2008 "if the good lord's willin', and the crick don't rise."

Listen to the original Public House Recording of Fifties - 2 MB

Listen to the 2007 version of Fifties - 2.3 MB


Anonymous said...

That was the theme song for an unaired sitcom pilot from the early 90's called "All I want to do". It stared veteran actor Richard Mulligan, and a young Courtney Cox. Although the show was critically acclaimed, the focus group audiences couldn't get over the graphic sex scenes between the two. All in all I gave it a solid 4 Bananas out of 5.

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