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August 1, 2007

Superflat Single #70 / Kanade


Here's a track from us to you ... from our good friend in Japan, KANADE.

Haven't heard from us for a while? Well, I was in CANADA-EH for extensive consultations with d-boats and e-moil. We enjoyed the pleasures of a bachelor's garage, and also had a party when we got copies of the new ikude compilation from shima records in the UK, which has tracks by tachikoma and [710w3] on it ... and it's really a brilliant cd!! you must hear it! or at least download it from iTunes!

But back to the single at hand. This tune is a new version of "ES" from the latest CD by KANADE. He re-constituted material of a Japanese traditional musical instrument of "ES" in PRO TOOLS LE. He added a synthesizer sound and it was completed. "ES" means "Embryonic Stem cell".

Kanade's Equipment:

(The K in Kanade stands for KORG apparently!)


  • KORG MS2000

  • KORG MS2000R

  • KORG microKORG

  • KORG EA-1

  • KORG ER-1


  • KORG miniKORG


  • YAMAHA SY-77

  • AKAI S300XL

  • CASIO FZ-1

  • Digidesign PRO TOOLS LE

  • Steinberg NUENDO

  • Steinberg CubaseVST5/32

Listen to blipsandifs070.mp3 - 5.5 MB


Anonymous said...

Been a while since there was a post here.

Scott E. Moil said...

Very True...
Don't think that blipsanifs is slowing to a halt thought! We are still 100% behind this project. Due to life and the business thereof the BlipandIfs Producers have been kept from updating as regularly as we'd like!

Soon we'll return to our weekly music boom!

Datura Phoenix said...

Just so y'all know, whenever creativity and emotional sustenance run dry, there are a few Blipsandifs tracks that I always tune into in my iTunes player that never fail to re-invoke my inspiration. Thank you to the crew at Blipsandifs for discovering the antidote to the blank page and the blank imagination. This artist remains humbly in your debt.