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February 9, 2007

Superflat Single #55 / Dub Bear

It's a long drive when you have no licence. See you later Al.This one goes on for a while. Most of my Tachikoma singles are short and digitally sweet. Dub Bear, unlike me, seems to enjoy getting his money's worth out of his Alesis Midiverb. I mean, why is he still using that thing?

Only he knows the answer. When I listen to this track, I try to pay attention, i really do. But then the track just keeps on looping over and over and you get lost in it. Dub Bear is obsessed with the filter amplifier and tweaks it incessantly, meaning that every time that analog skank comes back, it always decays differently.

I don't know why this guy can't compress his tracks down to a manageable length. Hell, I don't even know why he named it "crocodiles." Maybe you should just listen to it and figure it out for yourself.

Listen to blipsandifs055.mp3 - 9.2 MB


the boats said...

DUDE! I think I have listened to this like about 18 times.... I really like this one dub bear! it's good stuff.
I feel the delays... GREAT STUFF! I can't say enough good stuff. mmmmm... Also long songs rule... They let you get all cozy in their length.. Like a big blanket. Think about it.

Tachikoma said...

Glad you liked this track, i'll pass along your comments to my buddy d-bear.

He's got an even longer one coming out here soon. "The game never over dub".